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We understand that every business and consumer has unique needs.That is why our team of knowledgeable and courteous personnel is there every step of the way in helping to guide you and supply you with some of the very best product brands and most competitive pricing in the market.

Aerosol Paint & Coatings



Spray Paints

Professional quality aerosol paints and coatings for both consumer, and specialty applications.

Our Product line includes: Spray Paints and Specialty Aerosol Coatings.

Automotive Accessories

Custom Accessories

Custom Accessories

Auto Accessories

A wide variety of QUALITY Aftermarket Automotive Accessories for Interior, Exterior, Styling, Comfort and Customizing applications.

Our Product Line includes: Steering Wheel Covers, Car Mats, USB Chargers and Cables, Car Comfort, Garage accessories and much more.



Windshield Wiper Blades

Over 40 years experience in manufacturing premium but affordable wiper blades with universal fitting for virtually any application.

Our Product line includes: Wiper Blades

Midwest Can

Midwest Can

Gas/Water Cans

Fuel and water storage containers and accessories made to the highest USA quality requirements.

Our Product line includes: Plastic Fuel and water storage cans

Sterling Teal

Sterling Teal

Air fresheners

Offering unique and traditional air fresheners for the automotive aftermarket since 1993.

Our Product line includes: Auto Air Fresheners – Hanging, Liquid, Gel etc.

Automotive Maintenance Products


Radiator Specialty Co. (GUNK)

Auto Maintenance Cleaners, Additives, Lubes Etc.

Gunk – Since 1959, the global industry leader in automotive chemical, maintenance, cleaning and additive products. The world’s most trusted brand in auto care products.

Our Product line includes: Auto Care Products – Additives, Cleaners, Lubricants and more.



Coolants & Windshield Washer Fluids

Automotive coolants, radiator additives and windshield washer fluid renowned for quality and performance, but with a core objective for value and affordability.

Our Product line includes: Coolants, Radiator Additives, Washer fluid etc.

Purple Tuff

Purple Tuff


The most powerful degreaser & multi-purpose cleaner you can buy, at a price you can afford! Non-toxic and biodegradable, an environmentally friendly product.

Our Product line includes: Degreasers

 Formula 1

Formula 1

Auto Polishes, Waxes, Protectants etc.

Auto care products with solutions for every cleaning, detailing and protecting need; with products for both internal and external automotive finishes.

Our Product line includes: Polishes, waxes, cleaners and protectants

 Formula 1

Motor Medic

Peformance Auto-maintenance Chemicals

Developed by Automotive Professionals for the enthusiasts seeking professional results.

Quality addititives and treatments since 1958.

Our Product line includes: Automotive Chemicals/Treatments, Additives etc.




Industrial Hand Cleaners

USA’s #1 premium waterless hand cleaners. Products for cleaning dirty hands as well as many other applications.

Our Product line includes: Industrial strength hand cleaners

Hardware Accessories


Rasta Abrasives

Abrasive Discs & Sandpaper

With over 45 years of experience, Rasta provides quality abrasives, cutting-off and grinding wheels, flap discs and diamond blades for industrial use.

Our Product line includes: Angle Grinder Blades, Sanding, Polishing and Finishing Abrasives.



Industrial Drill Bits and Power Tool Accessories

Professional quality Power Tool Accessories and Hand Tools for contractors, professional tradesmen, commercial auto shops and do –it-yourselfers.

Our Product line includes: Extensive Range of Drill Bits, Router Bits, Hole Saws, Power Bits and more….

Household Items



Paper Products (Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, Napkins)

Caribbean-made affordable, quality paper products for household and industrial use.

Our product line includes: Household Bathroom Tissue, Paper Towel, Napkins and Industrial Sized Toilet Paper.

Home Select

Home Select

Home & Kitchen-use Products/Cleaners/ Laundry Preparation

A large range of budget friendly, high-quality alternatives to the leading national brands of household products.

Our product line includes: Kitchen-use products, Household cleaners, Laundry Preparations etc.



Household Mops

Industrial grade quality deck mops for household and institutional use.

Our product line includes: Deck Mops



Household Cleaners & Disinfectants, Detergents & Fabric Softener

Newly formulated, environmentally friendly concentrated household cleaners and detergents for everyday use.

Our product line includes: Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, All Purpose Cleaner, and Dishwashing Liquid.


Warren Lubriguard

Warren/Lubriguard Lubricants

Auto/Specialty Lubricants

Premium Lubricants for a wide range of applications….Automotive, Industrial and Specialty. Recognized for a legacy of performance and reliability coupled with excellent value.

Our Product line includes: Lubricants – Motor Oils, Specialty Fluids & Greases.



Auto And Specialty Lubricants

A complete line-up of Industrial, commercial and passenger vehicle lubricants. Exceeding the highest standards and requirements of all car and equipment manufacturers.

Our Product line includes: Motor Oils, Specialty Fluids, Greases etc.

Liquid Wrench

Liquid Wrench

Specialized Lubrication Solutions

The preferred choice of tradesmen and professionals, offering Lubrication Solutions for a wide range of applications. Part of the Gunk family since 1941.

Our Product line includes: Aerosol Lubricants.

Personal Care



Bath Soaps/Antiseptic Soap/Acne Treatment

A wide range of products under the family care and deodorizing series, formulated to help you stay refreshed and improve your personal hygiene.

Our product line includes: Bath Soap, Antiseptic Soap, Sulphur Soap for Acne Treatment



Cotton Balls & Rounds

100% Pure Cotton Products for all your personal care, first aid or baby care applications.

Our Product line includes: Various Sizes Cotton Balls and Cotton Rounds.

 Lucky Super Soft

Lucky Super Soft

Shampoo, Bathroom Soap, Sanitizers etc.

A large range of budget friendly, high quality alternatives to the leading national brands of personal care products.

Our Product Line includes: Hair care products , Body Wash, Body Lotions, Bathroom Soaps ,and Sanitizers.

My Fair Baby

My Fair Baby

Baby Shampoos, Oils, Powders , Wipes

High quality alternative to the leading national brands of baby care products.Gentle but effective.

Our Product Line includes: Baby Shampoos, Baby Oil, Baby Wipes, and Baby Powders

Safety & Work Gear



Household/Work Gloves

A global organization specializing in all types of gloves and protective/safety apparel.

Our Product line includes: Gloves of all types – from construction to gardening.



Industrial Grade Disposable Gloves

Premimum Disposable Gloves for a multitude of uses. Providing extended-duration wear and protection since 1988.

Our Product line includes: Industrial Disposable Gloves.

Sealants & Adhesives

Super Glue

Super Glue/Pro Seal

Adhesives, Epoxies, Sealants

Worldwide leader in the manufacture of high grade bonding agents.Offering a wide range of premium adhesives, sealants and epoxies.

Our Product line includes: Silicone, Super Glue, Construction Adhesives and Epoxies.

Super Glue


Adhesive Tapes

Serving a variety of markets wherever high-quality tapes are required. Whether industrial, construction, painting, electrical or crafts, we supply the best tapes for the job.

Our Product line includes: Adhesive Tapes.


Great Neck Saw

Great Neck Saw/OEM Tools

Hand Tools/Specialty Tools

Dependable hand tools with the perfect combination of quality and value since 1919

Our Product line includes: Hand Tools  – Automotive and General Use.


Valley Industries

Tools and Misc. Hardware/Power Tool Accessories

Economical solutions for “Do-It-Yourself” quality tools and hardware accessories.

Our Product line includes: Tools, Accessories and Hardware Supplies.

And much more…

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